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An exceptional quality content can change the direction of your product growth entirely.But, is content creation enough?

What use would a good quality content be if it can't reach your target audience?

Content promotion plays a major role in bringing out returns from the produced content.It is very crucial to prepare a clear plan about content promotion and at the same time, keep checking the efficiency of that plan.

Creating a promotional plan :

Most important step for content promotion is clear identification of target audience. It is this information that will help you in identifying exactly who you are targeting and at what stage of the buying journey your audience is.

Content Promotion can be done in a number of ways.

This depends on the content and the audience being targeted. Some of these ways are as follows-

Social Media platforms :

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, google+ or LinkedIn all can be used for this purpose depending on whether you are targeting young millennials or experienced professionals respectively.

Email lists :

A really impactful way of content promotion, email lists enhance page traffic by 150x.Strategies for enhancing email lists include:-

  • A slide up CTA from right corner after 60% scroll

Outreach mails :

With 66% success rate, outreach mails serve as an effective way to increase potential traffic on your page.

Mentioning an influencer :

This can be a good way to increase your followers in quick time through source-target strategy.

Checking the effectiveness of promotional plans :

Monitoring the impact of your plan using dashboards can be a good idea.If the plan works, use these dashboards to:-

  • know how the audience is engaging

If the plan doesn't work, one must figure out the possible reason. Some of the common reasons are :-

  • Improper targeting

Working on these reasons, doing minor changes and noticing their impact is important.On a concluding note, do remember that an exceptional and genuine content can pass through all hurdles to reach the target audience.

Keep your content genuine, use right promotional strategies and see the magic happen.

Lots of best wishes for you!

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