The Kiss of the New Dawn

by : @marganphotography

Happiness, success , new beginnings are all about the celebration of the harmony we have attained or anointed with. And only love has the power to make the merrymaking a spectacle. Simply making it your choice who you want to love or not .

by : @marganphotography

We, human beings, are social animals. We simply cannot break ourselves free from the handcuffs of communal dependence. We all look for companionship in an individual who we deem suitable to our needs, wants and desires. And it is our responsibility, as a human being, to respect the choices of every individual as long as they are not harmful for fellow individuals. And LGBTQ is all about the celebration of togetherness and love. Even though science continues to argue if homosexuality is genetic or not but at then end of the day it is still the choice of the individual. And we don’t have the right to manipulate their choice just because it is out of the norm. But I digress.

By : @guiadocasamentogay

With the dawn of a new era of new identities, it’s time for celebrating them.

Writings, paintings, fashion, photography are striving each day to build the LGBTQ community, the home they deserve. Photography and other fields are trying to carve a niche and we have come a long way and have even a longer way yet to travel.

The journey starts by addressing them correctly. Thus it becomes vital for us to know their preferred pronouns. Aside from usual He/him or She/ Her; some don’t prefer the use of pronouns, they simply use their names to recognize themselves. However we also have non-binary pronoun that is they/them and “ze”.

By: @mikeg07

So while making an introduction let’s start including pronouns and make it a “norm”. And if you don’t know, just ask.

And what better way to celebrate life than through Art!

Now it’s time to bring the celebration to our everyday life.

Everyday people are coming forward and embracing the new identities. Like Anwesh Sahoo, who was the youngest participant at the age of 20 to represent India in Mr. Gay World. His campaign, Fitting Out, brings awareness among adolescents about the various gender and sexuality options open to them. Similarly photographers like Sunil Gupta, Shilpa Raj, Indu Antony are pioneers in celebrating the LGBTQ in pictures.

By : @guiadocasamentogay

And we can’t thank enough, to people who took the leap and married their love of life. In the honour of Pride month, Shaadi saga shared some awe-inspiring Indian LGBTQ weddings. From Sheena and Sharon to Reema Tharani and Priya Arora, they all have celebrated their love like every big fat Indian wedding. And in every form we must support and celebrate their love. After all, accepting and acceptance is the basis of life.

by : @guiadocasamentogay

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved

- George Sand.

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