Surreal is something which makes you question, "Is it even possible?" But, is photography bound to capture only that is possible?!

Surrealism is all about getting into the human subconscious, rejecting rationality, and transporting viewers to an alternate reality.

We present below some simple tricks to help you create awesome surreal images! Let’s go :-


Levitation is one of the popular surreal effects used in photography.

Quite simple, one can create impressive levitation by using stools or tables which are pretty easy to erase using Photoshop.

Camera settings :-

  • Manual mode
  • Autofocus disabled
  • Use of tripod


A lot of interesting and creative imagery is based on perspective distortion.

One way to accomplish this is by making two different­-sized versions of the sets.

Use of optical illusionary techniques by varying the distance of the subject from screen to make it look smaller or larger accordingly, is also one of the ways.

Camera settings :-

  • Wide angle lens, object seems more larger and distant from its surroundings
  • Telephonic lens, compressing the distance between the objects gives a constrained feel.


Highlighting certain objects and giving them different tones allows you a multitude of different effects and aesthetics, from a film noir look to the surreal.

Camera settings :-

  • Select the subject you want coloured using Quick Select tool, Magic Wand, the Lasso tool, or the Pen tool in Photoshop.
  • Select → Invert , prevents change of saturation
  • Saturate the image to white and black
  • Add a ‘Black & White Adjustment Layer’
  • You are done!

These are some of the ways by which one can create creative surrealist photographs.

We hope that you learn something new from this article and spread magic through surrealism around.

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