“The eternal couple”

Image credits: Mithun H Photography

Wildlife photography,as it may sound, is a pretty challenging yet adventurous and amusing photography genre.

Sergey Gorshkov / Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020

A photographer's interest in wildlife and travelling can push him/her towards wildlife photography but can this interest make him/her a good wildlife photographer?

Let's see!

We mention below some of the crucial qualities a good wildlife photographer must possess.

Come on, let's have a look!

Know the power of his/her equipment :

As an artist, knowledge about one’s tools is crucial. Knowing their equipment is crucial for each and every photographer, no matter which niche they specialized in. This becomes even more important for wildlife photographers seeing the rawness and momentary nature of their shoots.

They may not get a second change to have that perfect shot.

Thus, in the quick and trick of wildlife, only a master can survive!

Passionate about wildlife :

Passion puts life in one's profession.

For a field as creative as photography, passion, willingness and dedication are a must for quality output. This dedication holds an even stronger value in wildlife photography since one has to stand in sun, wind and rain for hours for capturing that one flash magical moment.

Jaime Culebras / Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020

Respectful towards subject :

From animals to objects to humans, a good photographer is always respectful towards his/her subjects. When treating soulful wordless animals from predators to prey, it is a more valuable skill. Any wildlife photographer, causing stress or harm to the animal he/she is shooting, is highly unprofessional and unwelcome in the industry.

Safety and clothing conscious :

Along with the amazement and excitement of wildlife photography, comes its challenges. Accompanying respectfulness for the subject, taking care of one's own safety is extremely important. Also, a wildlife photographer must dress in colours and patterns that do not agitate or scare their subject. It is significant for having a good and safe shoot.

Positivity, perseverance and patience :

Needless to say, positivity, perseverance and patience are crucial for success in any field.

Being positive despite all the accompanied challenges is important for any accomplishment.

For wildlife enthusiasts, Waiting for hours in rain, moon and sun for that Eureka shoot requires a lot of patience.

Perseverance is the first step in the making of a successful wildlife photographer.

“Social distance, please!” ©️Petr Sochman / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2020.

Technical Proficiency :

Good technical skills compensate for a lot of challenges wildlife photography throws at you.

A good wildlife photographer is well acquainted with the compositions, sharpness, best sun angles and necessary techniques for enhancing the beauty of his/her subjects and images.

Since wildlife photography gives much less scope for editing afterwards, technical know how is crucial.

Pro tip :

On a concluding note, we wish to say that all the photographers are good in their own unique ways.

Your ability is not represented by what you know but by what you wish to know.

So, all the lovely wildlife photographers, keep practicing, keep learning and keep evolving!

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