All you need to know about Aerial photography for weddings!

Captured by : @ivancabanhas

When the sky’s the limit why settle for basic. Earlier words were the source of storytelling but now a picture says a thousand words. With the introduction of drones, the scenario to capture memories and narrate them has changed drastically. Everyday, the tech is getting finer and our expectations are soaring higher. And thus, the bird’s eye view of your wedding is a must have!

The wireless technology of drones has made aerial photography more versatile which gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative for your wedding album. Destination weddings and exotic venues deserve their own share of attention. A sweeping aerial snapshot through the hillside forest or from over the sea, can be an opening statement of a glorious wedding.

Bring out the fun side, adventurous side or the amorous side of the couple through an angle from above. A shot of jumping from the cliff or a proposal on a boat; or perhaps a quirky pose on a ground. They definitely open a plethora of opportunities.

There are many shots that prove to be difficult when shooting from ground which can be easily shot from a drone. An oblique shot with a drone can be very effective in appreciating the decoration of the mandap or the altar. Many times during the hustle bustle of a wedding the decorations and the little details are missed so a bird’s eye view can do justice to the effort put in by the decorators. Let’s give them a fair share of spotlight.

However, most important are the guests! Nothing brings out extended family, cousins, friends or in other words “your world” together better than a photography session. So make it fun! Involving them through a flash mob or your very own lantern festival. And a drone will be just the fit to capture the celebration of togetherness.

But it’s important to keep in mind the don’ts of aerial photography. It will be helpful to keep the following limitations in mind.

  • Get the permission to fly a drone. Every area has their own rules and regulations and therefore permits are necessary.
  • Check the weather conditions. Drones are not suitable for rain or strong winds.
  • Mind the elements in which the drone works effectively. The drones work best at cooler temperature so avoid flying a drone in closed rooms. Unless, of course, the ceiling of the venue is high enough for drones to not get into any mishaps.
  • It is generally advised for drones to shoot at a farther distance, it will be helpful if the drones are connected to a GPS.
  • Avoid close ups at all costs.
  • It is also important to keep in mind that the aircraft is notoriously loud so it won’t be able to record any audio.
  • It is also advisable to choose a photographer who has a positive experience with the controls of the drone because the risk of accidents increases in crowds.
  • Stick to outdoor shoots as much as possible to avoid any interruptions.

Aerial photography is a revolution in the field of photography. So enjoy it to the fullest!

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