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When the sky’s the limit why settle for basic. Earlier words were the source of storytelling but now a picture says a thousand words. With the introduction of drones, the scenario to capture memories and narrate them has changed drastically. Everyday, the tech is getting finer and our expectations are soaring higher. And thus, the bird’s eye view of your wedding is a must have!

The wireless technology of drones has made aerial photography more versatile which gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative for your wedding album. Destination weddings and exotic venues deserve their…

Credits : @memoirs_jaipur (IG)

Wedding day is a very precious event in every couple’s life and capturing that day is a huge responsibility.

Certainly, every couple has multiple expectations and dreams for their wedding photography.

Whether you choose the traditional or the trendy infusion ceremonies, it is your photographer who will make your wedding day live forever. So it is important to hold on to your wedding photography dreams.

Just the perfect dreamy portfolio is not enough. It takes a lot more than that.

It is not just the skills of a wedding photographer that will bring the happy glow in your wedding pictures…

In the last few years, pre wedding shoots have gained popularity like never before. And of course, why not? Pre wedding shoots provide an opportunity to capture beautiful images of togetherness and to know your partner and their choices better.

by : @meharphotography

Photographs are the footprints of time left for us to cherish for an eternity. With progression in time and advancement in technology, filters have been introduced to enhance the features. In Monochrome photography, especially, filters play quite a significant role. In each position on an image one can record and show a different amount of light, but not a different hue. It includes all forms of black-and-white photography, which produce images containing shades of neutral grey ranging from black to white and other hues such as sepia, cyan, or brown can also be used in monochrome photography. And filters offer…

by : @marganphotography

Happiness, success , new beginnings are all about the celebration of the harmony we have attained or anointed with. And only love has the power to make the merrymaking a spectacle. Simply making it your choice who you want to love or not .

“Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better.” — Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

We all look for a person in our lives who will kiss our tears away; make us laugh until our cheeks hurt; who will encourage us to run an extra mile; a person with whom you would want to share your cupcake or perhaps eat theirs too; with whom you want to grow old; but most importantly a person who will understand you.

If you have found the one…

Surreal is something which makes you question, "Is it even possible?" But, is photography bound to capture only that is possible?!

Surrealism is all about getting into the human subconscious, rejecting rationality, and transporting viewers to an alternate reality.

We present below some simple tricks to help you create awesome surreal images! Let’s go :-


Levitation is one of the popular surreal effects used in photography.

Quite simple, one can create impressive levitation by using stools or tables which are pretty easy to erase using Photoshop.


Image source : Ahrefs (Google images)

An exceptional quality content can change the direction of your product growth entirely.But, is content creation enough?

What use would a good quality content be if it can't reach your target audience?

Content promotion plays a major role in bringing out returns from the produced content.It is very crucial to prepare a clear plan about content promotion and at the same time, keep checking the efficiency of that plan.

Creating a promotional plan :

Most important step for content promotion is clear identification of target audience. …


“The eternal couple”

Image credits: Mithun H Photography

Wildlife photography,as it may sound, is a pretty challenging yet adventurous and amusing photography genre.

Its beauty lies in its uniqueness.


A good photograph reaches not just the eyes but the soul of a viewer. It creates a sense of reality. When a viewer sees such a photograph, he/she is carried away to the place and scene of the photograph.

This is where photography composition comes into play! Composition literally means "to arrange in an organized and attractive manner".

For a field as creative as photography, we can't have " thumb rules of composition". All we have are guidelines which have helped photographers create their "perfect" photographs.

So, before we start with our journey of compositions, please keep in mind that…


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